Inside Vibe

If the doors of perception were purified, everything would appear to man as it actually is, infinite. William Blake

Gian Luca Bianco makes a journey into the disability considered the most debilitating in the world: blindness. In a sincere, delicate, spontaneous, and courageous way, he searches for that point of contact that only thanks to the help and willingness of some young blind people can he find, in order to understand that too often the true disability lies in those who have everything and are considered “normal”.

In a world built by sighted people for sighted and “normal” people, Bianco enters the dark meanderings of disability to come out changed in the first person by the experience that he realizes with the contribution of the first interactive abstract exhibition created for blind people in the world with the works and experiments in perception and senses created by two masters of art of the last century: Joseph and Anni Albers.