Imbilico Terra

Destruction and reconstruction are closely linked. One lives in function of the other, but there is also a component of reuse, of circularity of disused, abandoned, destroyed places. This is what interests me, that reuse, that re-destination that every place can and must live. It is not necessary to build the new, but rather to give voice to what has spoken until yesterday because it has much to tell. My research moves in this direction. I am not an architect, but I am interested in abandoned places, those ex-industrial and non-industrial areas that are now obsolete, abandoned by industry. Every ruin attracts my attention because it tells its own story, its history and the story of those who lived there. This is our history, our knowledge, our experience.

The Imbilico Terra series starts from the earthquake in Marche and Umbria and represents it with the same language that constituted the Imbilico project, only in a three-dimensional perspective. I make ceramics with decals processed from the shots I took in the earthquake areas. They are the rubble, they are the middle ground, they are ruins that could be reborn or could definitely disappear.