Freeze 108


My mind clicked

108 shots of iPhones and thinking. Images that triggered reflections but also reflections that pushed me to take images. This little journey began in 2007, back then it didn’t have a systematic nature yet. They were just visual notes, instants captured in the moment and immediately frozen, born by chance. Then, over time, I refined myself, turning into a fierce hunter of moments. Even today, looking back, it is difficult for me to construct intellectual interpretations and rigid schemes. The book is a humble sequence of moments recorded and annotated. A necklace of instants that once threaded and worn, perhaps, carry the germs of some philosophy of everyday life. Why is it that some moments – when life goes into freeze – strike you and “cry out” for a shot, while others leave you indifferent? I don’t have a strong answer to give. But I can say that each one of us recounts life by listing different instants. And it is in the choice and sequence of the pearls of their own story that they express their own baggage of art, taste, human sensitivity, interpretation and philosophy of life.

Futura Edizioni 2015