Imbilico Perpetua Motus Terra

Imbilico is a journey outside and inside ourselves.

In Imbilico the earthquakes of August 24, 2016 and October 30, 2016, are a dramatic excuse to talk about us, about this humanity of ours grappling with enormous challenges ranging from climate change, to demographic change, to scientific change, to social change. For this reason Imbilico becomes the means to explore that middle ground, that space that we have to go looking for and that allows us to find a new balance every day.

Creatively Imbilico is built in consequential phases: reportage – print – tears of the photographs – collage – free, geometric reconstructions – photographic prints on various materials – ceramics, structural modules in iron and concrete, maps, installation settings with the possibility still alive of linguistic experimentation, suggested also by the environment and the context in which it is to be inserted.

The intent is to encourage a reflection on the behaviors and actions that regulate living in a living environment like the earth. The earthquake in this sense is the pretext to be able to rethink the existence, putting at the base the symbiotic relationship with what surrounds us.