Creativity improves life.

It is a book addressed to those who have a childlike soul or in some way want to realize dreams. In this book creativity is practiced, a panacea that involves anyone who has the desire and is bravely willing to question themselves to access an unknown dimension.

It is a practical path, to be shared, to have fun and think. It’s my method, which can be taken as a starting point to stay with yourself, with your children, with your parents, maybe the elderly, with friends, with people who have been left alone, to restart dormant energies, dreamed and perhaps possible worlds. It seems easy but it is not trivial. It should be taken lightly and seriously because dozens of scientific studies show that the expression and practice of creativity reduce stress and neurosis, generating a circuit of trust, openness, optimism that leads us to produce oxytocin, the hormone of happiness and love.

Bertoni Editore 2021