Imbilico concrete and iron modules.

The works are placed one after the other to emphasize the empty space (Ma).

The doctrine of emptiness.

“An imaginary room that lies in an undefined position between heaven and earth is said to be the original way to represent the concept of Ma. We simultaneously imagine both spatial and temporal uncertainty: the room is neither in one place nor the other, it is in an indescribable space.”

The Sutra of the Heart, Perfection, Wisdom.

“Form is not distinct from emptiness, emptiness is not distinct from form; form is just such emptiness, emptiness is just such form; if this is form such is emptiness, if this is emptiness such is form.”

Emptiness is therefore a fundamental element on a par with forms, with “full” things. It is not possible to think of fullness without thinking of emptiness, both are necessary to create a work of art. In Japanese culture everything and emptiness coincide.