It’s on a collaborative spirit between the two historical galleries is Milano, Montrasio Arte and Bruno Grossetti that is hosted a solo show dedicated to contemporary artist Gian Luca Bianco, from the Montrasio stable. Entitled Reperti, the exhibition contains nine of the artist’s latest ceramic works. Poetic, minimalist constructions of thin slabs of fireclay, some placed on a terracotta base, close the chapter of the artist’s former research Imbilico and opens new horizons. The new sculptures surpass the narrative element of the earlier, dramatic, and more figurative works telling of manmade failure in face of natural disasters and resulting basic human hopes and needs sometimes as simple as having a roof over our head. In the new works, the symbolic element of rubble has been
replaced by ruins, fictional structures, that have been eaten away by time, slowly and over an indefinite period. Entitled La Gemella (Twin) or simply Tetto (Roof), the ceramic sculptures act as metaphors for the artist’s personal emotions and universal concepts alike. In the circle of life, everything is connected, loss and rebirth. Working with the malleable material clay has a symbolic meaning for Gian Luca Bianco: everything is born out of earth; everything can be constructed and reconstructed with earth. Delicate with marked surfaces, yet of still and sober
presence, the ceramic sculptures of single, paired, or distanced wall elements or a roof appear to abide the face of passing time. They indicate time and yet are devoid of it, inviting the observer to enter into an intimate dialogue with the artworks and to fill them with personal emotions and memories, inviting moments of